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A couple, Eric and Khema, whose passion for the arts has come to realization now, began to run Himapan Indonesia in BSD City since November 2015; the first and the only lotus leaves painting workshop in Indonesia. 

As a partner of Himapan Gallery Bangkok, Himapan Indonesia is now bringing this unique piece of art to Indonesia to share with the communities around.  

Himapan Indonesia offers lotus leaf painting activities an unique art workshop painting on real lotus leaves, customized lotus leaves painting, and natural lotus leaves canvas. You will enjoy the nice and relaxing ambience with some nice pieces of furnitures and beautiful pieces of art around. The workshop shall allow you to discover your inner artist, which is hidden within.  When you start engaging your hands and materials you can easily drop into your senses, mindfulness, and access a place of flow.  We want you to relax, maximizing your creativity, bringing you new experience and inspiration. Most importantly, we would like to make your experience positive and enjoyable.

It is absolutely a great moment for you to complete such an unique piece of art, and a wonderful memorable experience. 

You will be guided and advised by our coach throughout your painting session to give, and express the best of yourself.  

It is original, fun, and only takes a few hours.